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NOTICE: Due to increased demand, we are now taking orders for 2025


American Bandsaw Co. 50" Custom Wide Live Edge Portable Bandsaw Mill -Sawing 208 Year Old Ash log
American Bandsaw Co - Portable Bandsaw Mill- hydraulic log loader

About Us

Since our inception in 1997, American Bandsaw Company has manufactured, sold and distributed only the highest quality logging equipment.


American Bandsaw Company has designed an array of products that combine precision with a competitive price.  This equipment unites simplicity with innovation, in order to create a final product that is both user-friendly and efficient.   

American Bandsaw Company has a friendly staff that is eager to assist you.  The quality of our products and customer satisfaction has earned us a trustworthy reputation in the industry.  Each order is given the utmost attention and personal care, regardless of quantity or price. 


Thank you for visiting our site, and feel free to send us any questions.

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