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MODEL:  Wide Live Edge

 Bandsaw Mill




• Any thickness



• 16ft and 20ft models available 


Cuts all types of hardwood



Starting at $18,995.00
 Call for Estimates

• Cuts Live Edge Lumber for Table Tops.
• Any Thickness

• 26in Band Wheels
Comes complete with:  

 All Square Tubing Frame Construction

• Chrome Rods in Saw Head

• Clean Face Sawing After First Cut

- Keeps your saw blade sharp longer

• Centrifugal Drive Clutch

• Easy to Read Lumber Measure Scale

• Transport Axel, Hitch, & Lights

• Log Loading Winch & Ramps

• Movable saw guides

• Hour Meter & Oil Cooler

• 12 Volt Power Head Lift 

• 3 Squaring Post & 3 Log Spikes


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